Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity

  • Bells: 13: 21-0-6 (1071 kg) in Eb (includes sharp second)
  • Service Ringing: 9.30 am
  • Grid: NY398559
  • Postcode: CA3 8TZ
  • Practice: Friday 7.30pm


Contact: Anne East / Veronica Taylor


Phone: Anne East 01228 513633 / Veronica Taylor 07929 069186

Address: CA3 8TZ


Be prepared for a  long climb. Enter the cathedral through the south (only) door, go straight ahead and turn right into the north aisle. Walk the whole length of the nave and look for the small door beside the side altar. The spiral stairs take you to the clerestory level where you get a good view of the roof above and the nave below. Walk back towards the organ and go through the fire door; go up the spiral staircase and pass the first exit. The ringing room is down a few steps once you reach the top of the spiral.

  • It is advisable to phone before visiting as practices are sometimes cancelled.
  • On practice night please arrive by 7.30pm  as the cathedral is locked  and it is a LONG way down to the door.


Available in the Fratry Tea Rooms opposite the south door, during opening hours only. Remember it is a LONG climb & walk to the ringing room!

Disabled facilities available during the day.


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