Fees for 2024

Resident Members (annual) Adult  £  10.00
Junior  £  1.00
Senior Citizen  £  5.00
Non Resident Members (one off) On election  £  5.00
Peal Fees (tower) Each rope  £  0.50
Peal Fees (hand) Each person  £  0.50

Guild Account Details

  • Carlisle Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers
  • Sort code: 01-09-54
  • Account number: 01002678

Payment of Fees

We would prefer that payments are made electronically, if possible please, accompanied by an email to the Finance Officer giving the payment reference and details of what the payment is for.
However, payments can be made by cheque (payee: Carlisle Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers), in the post to the Finance Officer, with an accompanying covering letter giving the required details.  Cash payment can also be accepted by the Finance Officer and the Guild Secretary, with a written note covering the details required.
For Resident Membership Fees, details should include the Names, Tower and Category of membership.


For a peal to be attributed to the Guild, each member of the band must be a member of the Guild and pay the Peal Fee detailed above.
New non resident members can be elected on the day of the peal, by the members of the band who are already members and on payment of the required fee as detailed above, which will be considered for confirmation at a subsequent Guild business meeting.
These fees should be collected by the conductor of the peal, or another nominated person, then sent to the Guild as detailed above.
Full details of the Peal, in a format similar to the Ringing World, should also be sent to the Guild Archivist.

Becoming a Resident Member

The Guild can offer you the opportunity to further your ringing, to ring and socialise with other members and to take part in the regular events we organise. By joining you are supporting the work of the Bell Restoration Fund which provides grants to towers needing work. You also receive a membership certificate and a .pdf copy of the Annual Report emailed to you. Please inform the Guild Secretary if you would like a printed copy of the Annual Report – these will not be issued automatically as we hope to reduce our use of paper and our printing costs.

The minimum qualification for Ringing Membership is to be able to handle a bell and ring rounds competently.  New members are elected at any of our Business Meetings. They are usually proposed by their Tower Captain by completing this form which should be sent to the Guild Secretary together with the appropriate fee.