Ringing to Commemorate the Fallen of The Great War

2014 marks the start of a 4 year long commemoration of the fallen of WWI.
During the war, many ringers from towers in the Cumberland Association went to war, some never returned home. Those we know about are recorded on a peal board in Hensingham tower. To recognise their sacrifice, it is the intention of the Guild to ring at the tower where the fallen rang on the day that they fell .

Hensingham Peal

Cleator Moor H Black 24 May 1915
J Bland 05 Apr 1917
G Dixon 24 Nov 1917
E Lister 04 Jan 1918
D H Tembey 07 Jun 1917
Keswick R Usher 18 Nov 1916
F Gardiner 27 Oct 1916
Carlisle H Connerton 27 Sep 1918
J Hodgson 18 Nov 1916
Cockermouth J Winthorpe 18 Sep 1918
Workington R Williams Not known
D Telford 28 Sep 1918

If you are interested in getting involved in any capacity, then please contact the Guild PRO.e

The Central Council has compiled Rolls of Honour for the casualties of both World Wars.  Click here for a link to the WW1 records.