What is it for?

  • The 50/50 Club supports the work of our Bell Restoration Fund and has consistently been the biggest contributor to our fund-raising since it was set up.  Any tower with bells which are intended to be rung full circle and within the Carlisle Diocese can apply for a grant from the BRF.
  • The 50:50 club typically raises around  £500 per year for the BRF.
  •  The BRF provides financial support to Guild towers to help with restoration, augmentation or installation of rings of bells.
  • 50-50 Rules for Club

Who can join the 50:50 Club?

  • Guild members and friends of ringing can contribute.
  • Our target is to get at least 100 members but irrespective of the membership half the subscriptions are returned as prizes while the other half is donated to the bell restoration fund.

How much does it cost?

  • The annual subscription for one number is £12.00.
  • You may pay for more than one number.
  • Subscriptions to the draw are due on 1st May.

How can I join?

  • The club is organised by Anne East (01228 513633)
    Contact Anne if you would like to take out a subscription.
    An annual standing order saves time and effort.

50-50 Membership Form

How much can I win?

  • Half of the income is returned as prize money; the other half is donated to the bell restoration fund.
  • In 2015 the 50:50 club donated £540 to the BRF.
  • There are four draws each year and the pay-out depends on the exact number of contributing members.
  • Some lucky people are regular winners but  please note they are frequently those who have at least two numbers.

Pay more and maybe .. win more!


  • As with all organisations, people come and go.
  • We need to encourage all new members to join us.
  • You know who they are!
  • Please tell them about the Draw and urge them to contact Anne by phone on 01228 513633
  • Download poster to advertise the 50-50 Club