This section of  the website is primarily intended to help local ringers find essential information about  the guild.

The Districts

The Guild has traditionally been divided into two districts. The boundaries date back to the Guild’s predecessor; the Cumberland and North Westmorland Association.

Eastern Branch

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Western Branch

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The Committee

The Guild is administered by  Committee which is made up of the Guild Officers and Branch Officers – see the Officers page  for an up-to-date list of the Guild Officers and Branch Contacts. In addition, the Guild’s Central Council representatives are also part of the General Committee.

The Central Council representatives for the Guild attend the Annual Central Council Meeting in May and represent the Guild at that meeting.

The Annual Report

The Annual Report which is published annually at the AGM, normally held in April or May.

Copies of the report are distributed to members via their home towers. Additional copies are available from the Secretary.

The Guild Archive

The Guild maintains a historical archive in Carlisle Cathedral


Peal records are important to both ringing associations and ringers alike as they record the ringing achievements of the organisation or the individual.

The Guild keeps manuscript records of peals attributed to the guild and its parent organisations. Electronic records can be found in central archives including:

Note: You may be required to register to access these records

History of the Guild

The current history section of the website is limited to a simple timeline of recent Guild activities.

The webmaster is looking for someone who is interested in creating a section of the website dedicated to the History of the Guild. If you want to volunteer, then please contact webmaster.

On the Website

There is additional information about

  • Officers
  • Membership
  • Bell Repair Fund (BRF)
  • Constitution
  • Order of service
  • Safeguarding
  • 50:50 Club
  • Insurance
  • Giving to Bell Restoration