Ringing across the Guild for the Queen’s memorial

Bellringers from around our Guild came out in force to ring in memory of Queen Elizabeth and for the Proclamation of King Charles. 

We are sharing a few sound clips from towers around the Guild as they provide a rare and fascinating soundscape and record of an approach to bellringing which rarely occurs in most lifetimes.  At least 100 ringers were occupied across at least 17 of our 25 towers. 


This video was taken by Ted Wilson, a member of the public, who specifically came to the Church at midday on Friday 9 September to listen to the bells ring.  He says: “I was waiting because for me, it was “the moment” when it was suddenly real she had gone.  It felt truly historic to hear the muffled bells with only the tenor free”.

Carlisle Cathedral

This video, provided by Ron East, is taken from amongst the bells and shows the double muffling in action.


This short clip provided by Katherine Prince from Greystoke was again recorded by a member of the community and shows some well struck and solemn sounding doubled muffled call changes.


The PCC Secretary at Barrow captured the sombre mood at Barrow in Furness of fully muffled call-changes with the tenor rung open at backstroke.


This clip of the Cathedral ringers ringing Queens at Aspatria prior to a poignant silent vigil, was recorded by Archdeacon Stewart Fyfe saying he found the sound “haunting and moving” (paste to Facebook Bellringing in Cumbria).