October Target Session at St Patrick’s Bampton Tower

Bridget Kelly, Tower Captain – St Patrick’s Bampton Tower reports on the latest targeted session:

Another great Target Session – moving on from Plain Hunt on 5 to Bob Doubles.

As the band are at varying levels of experience it is necessary to call in additional helpers in order to facilitate a target session like this. As always, our friends from the Guild have been very supportive: Ruth Gilbert accompanied by Charles, Sue T and Sue S very kindly made themselves available in order to ensure another successful Target Session. I am extremely grateful to them for their continued help and support.

The October session was focussed on two ringers moving on from Plain Hunt on 5 to Bob Doubles, another ringer moving on from a plain course to a touch of Bob Doubles (unaffected), and our newest member an opportunity to meet and ring with our friends from the Guild for the first time.

Homework prior to a session enables more time on ropes. This type of targeted learning really has helped in moving less experienced ringers on which in turn, strengthens the band as a whole. Another fun session which we all enjoyed.

I asked the ringers for some feedback which they were happy for me to share with you:

“Thank you for organising the target session for us. I found it very useful and helpful to progress in my method ringing and felt encouraged to push myself to keep counting places, getting more familiar with rope sight and listening for my bell. Also, I came away with plenty to think about for our next session. It is a great social meeting: I feel we enjoy what we are learning as well. Thank you all.”

“I find these sessions very useful. I got to practice ringing a method that is relatively new to me surrounded by enough experienced ringers enabling me to focus on where my technique may not be quite correct. As those around me are in the right place it really highlights where I need to apply corrections. I am grateful to these ringers who give their time to help others, like myself, gain valuable experience.”

“The value of targeted sessions is that as a less experienced ringer I get to practice with enough experienced ringers to make up a solid band around me when the only person likely to make a mistake is me. It is far quicker to learn in that environment.”

“As a new ringer I did of course feel very nervous and knew I would be making mistakes. However, I learned a lot, got individual attention and practical advice along with a lot of support so it was a positive session for me. Listening to the 6 bells in action, covering and leading in rounds was great and many thanks for the encouragement to give it a go.”

Looking forward to ringing with you all again. Thank you.