Notes from a Striking Competition

Hilary Ward writes:

It was a lovely afternoon in the sunshine meeting up with familiar faces and I think it proves to be one of the best events in the Guild’s calendar, a great social occasion.
After ringing,  the Cathedral band were approached by a young student who had recorded us.  He wanted some church bells to add to a recording with his duo.   How cool is that even better when the royalties start rolling in.  🤣🤣

A summation of the judge’s comments (Anne Pettifor):


Workington Clangers 1st – Good steady piece of ringing hesitating occasionally with no full faults. Rang 6.5 mins 180 changes.

Thursby Rookies 2nd – Nice piece of steady ringing. 7 mins.  Generally good and recovered well from a sticky patch.

Salkeld Smarties 3rd – Rang 7.5 mins.  Mostly good ringing with a mid order collapse which they recovered.

Knight’s Rangers Workington 4th – Rang 8 mins. 220 changes.  Advice from judged “don’t be afraid to get back into rounds if it collapses and start again”.

Belles of Lazonby 5th – Took time to settle down and didn’t use all their practice time. Rang exactly 5 mins.  Not placed as judges couldn’t determine when exactly they started.


Penrith Pringles 1st – These were the quickest ringers.  Confident with no full faults. There was a drifting of the tenor due to the speed.

Cathedral Swingers 2nd – These were the slowest ringers. Slow steady ringing paid dividends with tenor. Some clips in middle of changes but a nice piece of ringing to listen to.

Greystoke Foresters 3rd – Good steady piece of ringing. 120 changes, 4 min 44 sec.  A few hesitations, no full faults.

Whitehaven 4th – 170 changes, 5.5 mins.  Couple of full faults and multiple hesitations but no serious clashes.