The 45th Annual General Meeting of the Carlisle Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers to be held on Saturday April 24th 2021 at 4:30pm on Zoom

1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of the 2019 AGM
3. Presentation of the 2020 Annual Report
4. Presentation of the 2020 Financial Report
5. Appointment of an Independent Examiner
6. Guild Subscriptions
7. Report from the Guild Safeguarding Officer (PolicyAppendix)
8. Change to the Guild Constitution
9. Report from the Guild Health & Safety Officer (Policy)
10. Report from the Guild Training Officer
11. Election of Officers
12. Election of Committee
13. Election of New Members
14. Recovery Champions
15. Dates for 2022 Events
16. Date and place of next AGM (see Provisional Dates below)
17. 50/50 Draw and presentation
Item 1 To ease the passage of the meeting, please send apologies in advance. Received: Nick Newby, Sue Smith, Doug & Liz Sim

Item 6 As from January 2022, it is proposed to increase subscriptions as follows: Adults £10, Seniors/Non-Residents £5, Juniors £1

Item 11 Nominations for Officers of the Guild

President Venerable Dr. Richard Pratt
General Secretary Susan Sewell
Treasurer Pat Evans
Peal Secretary Duncan Walker
Training Officer Gareth Evans
Safeguarding Officer Gerald Sewell
Health & Safety Officer Ed Matthews
CC Reps Chris de Cordova & Duncan Walker

Item 12 Nominations for the Committee

Management of the Guild is in the hands of the Officers, the Branch Ringing Masters (Ruth Gilbert & Ed Matthews), Branch Secretaries (David Horne & Andrew Moncrief), Central Council Representatives (Chris de Cordova & Duncan Walker) and not more than four resident members elected annually.
Nominations received to date: Sue Thomas, Julia Cater, Margaret Miller
Please send any further nominations for either Officers or Committee Members to the Guild Secretary, Susan Sewell, before April 17th. Self-nomination is acceptable. No nominations can be taken from the floor.

Item 13 Nominations for New Members

Susan Lister (Irton)

Item 15 Provisional Dates for 2022 Events

• Guild Ringing Meeting on Saturday 08-01-22 at Workington
• Training Day on Saturday 05-02-22 at Hensingham
• Guild AGM on Saturday 02-04-22 at Hensingham
• Striking Competition on 14-05-22 at an Eastern Branch tower