58 visitors on Greystoke tower open day

The Open Day at Greystoke has been a great success with 58 visitors to the tower.

These were in addition to our enthusiastic Guild ringers whose ringing and support, some for the whole day, was greatly appreciated!

When I asked a 10 year old if she enjoyed seeing the bells actually ringing in the belfry, she replied with an enormous smile “Yes it was cool!! I had no idea they would be so loud!” (NB ear defenders were worn as per Risk Assessment).
A Greystoke resident said “I’ve lived in the village for 60 years, and this is the first time I’ve seen inside the tower, its amazing!” This sentiment was echoed by several.
We have yet to see who will follow up by learning to ring but there were 8-10 young people and/or their parents who seemed keen to have a go.
Katherine Prince – Tower Captain

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