Cathedral Bells

Why are bells rung? – Every week thousands of ringers ring to call people to church, for Sunday services, weddings and festivals. They also ring to celebrate local and national events like the Olympics in 2012. Ringers also ring for fun!

What is bellringing? – Ringing today can trace its history back to the 16th century when bells in England were hung with a full wheel. This gave ringers control over when the bell sounds. A bellringing tune or method is made up by ringing the bells in a different order each time they sound. Today bells are rung this way in the British Isles and also in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Southern Africa and the USA.Animation

Why do people want to ring? – Ringing for church services is only one of the reasons. It also provides physical and mental exercise. It introduces you to a global group of friends. It is a team activity with an endless opportunity to learn something new.

Who can be a ringer? – Ringing is within the capabilities of most people, from 10 or 11  upwards. Ringers come from all backgrounds and there are about 40000 around the world. The main stages of   learning to ring are: ringing a bell safely on your own, ringing as part of a team and learning new or more difficult methods.

Once you’ve got the bug, it’s hard to give up!

Bell ringing is a team activity that stimulates the brain and helps keep you fit … it also makes a glorious sound! 

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