A Win for Workington

Margaret Miller writes:

Call Change Band winners – Striking Competition 2024
This year, Workington was able to field two teams to ring rounds and call changes in the annual striking competition, held this year in Cockermouth.
We were keen to ring to honour the memory of our previous tower captain, Gareth Evans, and his wife, Pat.
Our two teams included our new ringers, Mike Knights and his son Jacob age 13, returning ringer, David Austen and Chris Cunliffe our conductor. Chris was taught bell handling by Jeanne Clements, some 18 months ago.
We were very keen to relax and enjoy the day. Our practice sessions on Cockermouth’s bells were at best so so! Fortunately, one of our teams got their striking right on the day. If you’ve not rung at Cockermouth, do go there. The bells sound really nice and they are benign.
Helen Speight, led the way on the treble, with Jeanne Clements on two, yours truly on three, David Austen on four, Andrew Moncrieff on five and our conductor, Chris Cunliffe on six. David and Chris have not rung in a striking competition before, so well done them
We decided to keep the changes as simple as possible. As we came out, we could be heard saying, “well that’s the best we’ve ever rung”. So we were delighted when we were told we had won, though we were confused when the judge told us we’d rung for six and a half minutes instead of five?
Thanks must go to Chris Cunliffe for conducting. We all agreed he was brilliant. We’d also like to thank Chris de Cordova for helping us to listen and focus on our striking.